Platform Exclusives Could Boost Piracy, UK Govt Report Notes

One of the prerequisites of beating piracy is that content is available legally for a fair price. In recent years, however, movies and music are increasingly becoming fragmented over a variety of paid subscription services. According to a UK Government report, this may be the reason why piracy is making…

UK ‘Pirate’ IPTV Users’ Favorite Channels “Are Free-to-Air”

TV viewers in the UK are blessed with a wealth of channels provided free-to-air, such as the world-famous BBC and ITV selections. Interestingly, however, the operator of a 'pirate' IPTV service says that people are increasingly turning to platforms like his to access the same channels due to a better…

Plex is a Pirate’s Dream But Could Also Build Bridges to Legal Content

Popular media server Plex is an entirely legal tool to arrange movies, TV shows and other content and present them in a Netflix-beating interface. Some have described Plex as a pirate's dream, especially when its augmented with little-known third-party 'pirate' services. But Plex also has grand plans that could help…

Manga Publishers Sue Pirate Site “Hoshinoromi” in New York Court

Four of the largest manga publishers have sued 'pirate' site Hoshinoromi in a New York federal court. The Japanese companies accuse the site of blatant copyright infringement and request damages. According to the publishers, Cloudflare is helping the site's operators to conceal their identities.

Brazzers Wants Cloudflare to Identify YesPornPlease Uploaders

MG Premium, a company operated by adult giant Mindgeek, is attempting to find out who is pirating its Brazzers-branded content. In a DMCA subpoena application filed in Washington, the company wants Cloudflare to reveal who is behind thousands of 'pirate' uploads on - one of the world's largest porn…

Rojadirecta Puts Up Defense But Can’t Escape ISP Blockade

A Danish court has ordered Internet provider Telenor to block access to the famous sports streaming site Rojadirecta. The order was requested by local anti-piracy group RettighedsAlliancen and Spanish football league La Liga. Rojadirecta, which filed its objections on paper without success, has yet to decide whether it will appeal.

Piracy App ‘CotoMovies’ Shuts Down, Apologizes, and Exposes Users

Popular movie piracy app CotoMovies has shut down following legal pressure. The app's developer has now issued an apology to filmmakers while urging former users to switch to legal services instead. To assist filmmakers in their enforcement efforts, CotoMovies states that it will transfer user data to the copyright holders,…

Major US ISPs Refuse to Discuss Repeat Infringer Policies

Copyright infringement is becoming a big issue in the United States, not least because those labeled "repeat infringers" could potentially have their home connections suspended temporarily or even shut down completely. So what are the rules at the major ISPs serving the country, in their own words?

Nintendo Sues RomUniverse for Mass Copyright Infringement

Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against the alleged operator of the popular pirate site RomUniverse. The game company accuses the site of brazen and mass-scale copyright infringement of its games and hopes to shut it down. RomUniverse, which also offers pirated ebooks and movies, sells paid memberships to those who…

Popular Torrent Site MKVCage Faces Lawsuit and Goes Offline

Popular torrent site MKVCage, which also distributes torrents on other sites, is being sued by the makers of the action film Hellboy. Soon after the lawsuit was filed the site went offline, but for now it's unknown whether the downtime is related to the legal issues.

Nintendo Wins Blocking Injunction Against Four Piracy-Enabling Sites

Nintendo has booked a significant win against four websites promoting tools that allow protection built into its Switch console to be circumvented. According to a High Court order, five leading UK ISPs must now begin blocking the domains, including those operated by the infamous Team Xecutor.