‘Pirating’ Cox Business Subscriber Can Remain Anonymous, Court Rules

ISP Cox Communications recently agreed to identify thousands of business subscribers accused of sharing pirated material. The disclosure, part of the piracy liability lawsuit filed by several music labels, was protested with success by a lone business subscriber. The identities of thousands of other subscribers who didn't object will be…

Just Six Percent of Finns Say They Illegally Stream Movies or TV Shows

An annual survey carried out in Finland has revealed interesting attitudes towards piracy. The majority of respondents believe that any form of piracy is unacceptable, with only 3% completely in favor. Overall, just 6% of Finns admit to streaming movies or TV shows from illegal sources.

‘Copyright Troll’ Lawyer Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison

Paul Hansmeier, one of the lead attorneys behind the controversial law firm Prenda, has been sentenced to 14 years in prison. In addition, he must pay his victims $1.5 million in restitution. The attorney was one of the masterminds behind the fraudulent scheme in which Prenda created and uploaded porn…

BREIN Criticizes Bullet-Proof Hosts, Forces Pirate Webcasters to Get Licenses

In a relatively unusual action, Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN says it has forced three unlicensed Internet radio broadcasters to obtain licensing. A fourth has shut down. Other stations targeted by BREIN state that they're owned by their streaming platform, a matter that is complicated by its status as a so-called…

Red-Hot Vetements Fashion Brand is Selling an $845 Pirate Bay Hoodie

According to the latest Lyst Index report of the world's hottest fashion brands, Switzerland-based Vetements is a Top 10 player, just behind Versace. Bizarrely, one of its latest 'creations' is a Pirate Bay hoodie, on sale for the bargain price of just $845. Ladies and gentlemen are advised to form…

Fragmented Streaming Landscape Keeps Piracy Relevant, Research Suggests

Streaming video services are, in theory, great competitors to pirate sites and services. However, when you have to sign up for half a dozen subscriptions to watch your favorite movies and shows, something is wrong. New research suggests that this fragmented streaming landscape is keeping piracy relevant.

Aussie Blocking Juggernaut Continues With 105 More ‘Pirate’ Domains

Village Roadshow, Disney, Twentieth Century Fox and several other studios have obtained yet another injunction to block pirate sites in Australia. The order, handed down by the Federal Court this week, lists 104 domains spread over 76 sites, all of which must be blocked by the country's ISPs.

La Liga Fined €250K For Breaching GDPR While Spying on Piracy

Spanish soccer league La Liga has been fined 250,000 euros by local data protection agency AEPD. The penalty comes after La Liga deployed a controversial feature in its Android app which activated device microphone and location services in an effort to identify establishments airing matches without a license.

India Court Hands Down Cricket World Cup Piracy Blocking Order

The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup currently underway in England and Wales is set to conclude July 14, 2019. Rights to audio broadcasts are held by India-based Channel 2 Group but the company is facing competition from unlicensed 'pirate' streams. To combat this threat, the Delhi High Court has handed…

Pirate Site Blocking Efforts Expand to Ecuador

Ecuador's National Intellectual Property Service has ordered local Internet providers to block access to five Rojadirecta domain names. The blocking order was requested by Fox Latin America and Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional. Interestingly, the original Rojadirecta site is not targeted and remains freely available.