La Liga Fined €250K For Breaching GDPR While Spying on Piracy


Spanish soccer league La Liga has been fined 250,000 euros by local data protection agency AEPD. The penalty comes after La Liga deployed a controversial feature in its Android app which activated device microphone and location services in an effort to identify establishments airing matches without a license.

India Court Hands Down Cricket World Cup Piracy Blocking Order

The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup currently underway in England and Wales is set to conclude July 14, 2019. Rights to audio broadcasts are held by India-based Channel 2 Group but the company is facing competition from unlicensed 'pirate' streams. To combat this threat, the Delhi High Court has handed down a broad blocking order covering sites, radio platforms, ISPs, and even search engines.

Pirate Site Blocking Efforts Expand to Ecuador


Ecuador's National Intellectual Property Service has ordered local Internet providers to block access to five Rojadirecta domain names. The blocking order was requested by Fox Latin America and Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional. Interestingly, the original Rojadirecta site is not targeted and remains freely available.

SET TV Loses Lawyer and Goes Dark in Piracy Case


SET TV, which stands accused of selling pirate IPTV subscriptions, has stopped responding in the lawsuit filed against the company by several Hollywood studios, Amazon, and Netflix. The company's lawyer has also withdrawn from the case due to a lack of payments and the company is now in default, facing hefty damages.

Kim Dotcom Begins Final Supreme Court Battle to Avoid US Extradition


More than seven years after the dramatic arrest of Kim Dotcom and several of his former Megaupload colleagues, the quartet are making a final plea to New Zealand's Supreme Court. The hearing, expected to last five days, will determine whether an earlier decision to extradite the men to the United States should be upheld. For them, the stakes could not be higher.

Zippyshare’s “Forbidden” Message Spreads to Spain


The mysterious blocking efforts of popular file-hosting service Zippyshare continue to expand. After UK and German users were 'forbidden' from accessing the site, Spanish visitors are now getting the same treatment. The operators of the site, meanwhile, remain silent.